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Why choose us
    Concept classes strength lies in its unmatched quality of teaching methodologies and a team of renowned Faculty members of National repute. The Faculty team led by our Founder & Director, Amrit sir himself comprises of experienced best brains brought together from various educational hubs of the Country like Kota, Delhi and Hyderabad. This Faculty team has experience in producing great results over the years in IIT JEE (now JEE ADVANCED), AIEEE (now JEE MAIN), AIIMS, NEET and other Competitive and Scholarship Examinations at State and National level like NTSE, KVPY, OLYMPIAD. Their mentoring has facilitated several students to secure top All India Rank.
    It is difficult to train students of different level in same batch. Based on the student's performance in previous progress tests and phase tests. We teach the students as per the level of batch and support them to gradually uplift their potential and performance. The teachers are provided chapter-wise "Lecture Notes" comprising of all the theories in the chapter, some illustrations followed by some examples (Numericals) etc. The teachers are instructed that, this is the minimum content which is to be taught in all the Batches. After teaching the content of lecture notes, the teacher goes in further depth of the subject with additional practice of problems depending upon the level of Batch.The top performers of each batch or group of batches are given weekly tests & assignments .This is one of the reasons why we get good results from our all type of batches. in various Competitive Examinations like JEE / PMT, NTSE, KVPY & OLYMPIADS
      It is a progressive test conducted on the JEE MAIN and JEE ADVANCED pattern for Engineering Stream, AIPMT and AIIMS pattern for Medical Stream and NTSE pattern for Foundation Stream. These tests will be conducted alternately after every 2-3 weeks. The syllabus for every progress test will include 70% of course from the current topic and 30% of course from the previously completed topics. This helps a student remain focused not only in the current topics but also constantly carry out revision of the previous completed topics.
    2. PHASE TEST:
      After about every three months of the classroom training, a phase test is conducted on the completed topics of the course. The pattern of the phase tests will be similar to the JEE MAIN and JEE ADVANCED pattern for Engineering stream, AIPMT and AIIMS pattern for Medical Stream and NTSE and School Summative Assessment (SA) pattern for Foundation Stream students.